Sunday, May 15, 2005
  Cute Cute Dear
Dear is such a lovely and cute girl, her actions and words which always contribute to her friend’s laughter. She gets emotional easily and does not enjoy watching show or movies where someone will be killed or hurt. She is now waiting for her university application and I really hope that she could get into her dream university, a school where she is so keen. I really hope we can have our own house soon so that we can invite her friends (john, lulu, peipei, elmo, chun yuan etc) to come on weekend and have dinner and play games like monopoly, risk, mahjong etc. Heehee. Lastly, hope she will get her University admission letter when she read this. Good luck to you dear. I’ll always be there for you no matter what happen tomorrow.
Thursday, May 12, 2005
I am wondering when can i go back to Indonesia? I really miss my family so much. I miss everything there except the local goverment. I am going to say something at the risk of causing a backlash : Many Indonesian chinese people do not have opinions when it comes to current affair or politic issues. We are too scared of the risk. Too intimidated to do things. Thus, money is the most powerful item. Even the law judges people according to their wealth. As result corruptions are everywhere.

I 've just read lulu blog. Then I realised lulu put some beauty comments. Happily to say, I decided to post some interesting topics asap.
Wednesday, May 11, 2005
  Happy 21st Birthday to U DeAr
Hurray, so glad to hear the good new from you saying that you are 100% in for merit. Dear, i'm so proud of you. I really enjoyed the times with you, even when you like to go shopping, and start walking from Far East to Selegie. Sometimes, i really wonder how ur legs can take it l0r. Your legs very powerful lor, not only in strength but in travelling, u can also walk for 4 to 5km without feeling tired (only for shopping). Heehee. Dear, i hope that all your wishes may come true and ASAP k. I also hope we can have our own house soon, so that we can invited friends like john, lulu, elmo, peipei and many others to come. Now, you have turned 21, you must be more guai and treat me the best k.... Heehee
Tuesday, May 10, 2005
  Boring day
Boring.... Dear has been so busy with his hectic work. He works OT everyday because his company does not enough workforce. On the other hand, I got nothing to do and lonely at home. Though graduated from Polytechnic. I don't feel like i am graduating. My parents keep asking me to further my study until U. As being the eldest child, my family, relatives and even my Medanese friend expect more from me.

Tomorrow is my birthday, but I had celebrated it on 25th April 2005 with John. It's very memorable and blissful. I thank everyone who has made it to happen. For my birthday I wish everyone will be happy and my family will be safe. Lastly I also hoping dear can earn more money for me too so I can have many present. heee heee..

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