Wednesday, April 26, 2006
  My CT outing
My CT team mates are very steady... then yesterday finnally everyone can make it for the CT outing. If any one of you wonders what is CT? CT is Creative Thinking modules. So you can expected a bunch of students do creative assignments and show it to prof. Last night, we walked through the Marina Square. Then I saw them playing pool, soon after that we forwarded to the Hans for dinner. We were having nice chit chat and trying so hard to plan for the next events. Brenda suggested we should go to overseas, maybe go genting cos its not expensive and we can have our shopping there too.
Obviously, everyone is so agree with that, but finding the right time for everyone is indeed a challenging task. Finnaly, after discussing for so long, we come out on 19/4. hahaaa...

Happily, dear is in Singapore. I am so happy cos now he can accompany me watch VCD's and DVDs which I borrowed from Minah... I am looking forward for that.... watching..
Tuesday, April 25, 2006
  First Summer Class
I went to my first summer class yesterday.It was Marketing Information System course. It was my first time that I took summer couse class in SMU. Somehow, It felt that the atmosphere was so different and competitive. Next, the prof is a bit weird. He purposely snapped each of us, photo by using his twelve megapixel camera. Imagine? 12 megapixel camer? ...each of us took turn to to pose in front of him. We just couldn't stop to laugh. As usual, on the first day of the class, there is nothing much to do. To make a matter worst, the prof told us the nightmares on getting this course, he truly expected us to drop this module. He said if you guys want to get a good gpa, then u shud not consider taking this course AT ALL. For a moment, the whole class broke into silence....
After his briefing abt the expectation of the course and downloading some essential software tools, we were free to leave.
That was the first impression of the prof that has given to me.
Sunday, April 23, 2006
  Refreshing Week...
Ops... My exam was over last week. haha.. I am too busy to celebrate.. and I forgot to update my blog. This week probably is my happiest week in this semester. I've watch a lot of movies and meet some old friends for chit chat. And a lof of funny moments are happening too.

But.. dear is still in Phillipine... Missing him even more ba, maybe because I still haven't start my schooling yet. dear, all the things you said to me hopefully is true and must never let me down wor. I wanna to tell you, this week, I go out almost everyday, watch VCDs and DVDs, so if later see me, dont be over-surprised ba.^-^

Anyway, Monday summer course is starting soon. Hopefully this time around, my life is more happening and full of surprises (of course must be good surprises lor). I attended the second session of my CCA, was quite entertaining indeed. I never thought one of my Secondary friend will turn up to become a vice president of Buddhist youth. Never even tot in my mind that he is a Buddhist too. Life is full of unexpected twist..

Celebrated simei and John birthday last week. jack, chun yuan, dear are not in Singapore... then pei2x is still studying hard for exam.... So in the end only about 5-7 people are celebrating...

Last but not least, I wanna to say a very Happy Birthday to my very best friends: Simei and John (both 22 years old wor).... hehe.. Best wishes to them...
Saturday, April 15, 2006
  Study Time soon
I'm so glad to get into NTU Part-Time EEE. It alway my dream to study there. Although it will be quite tired to study and work at the same time, but whenever i think of our (Lionel & Parlin) future, it will motivate me to strike for my best. I will work extremely hard dear (Parlin) amd will not disappoint you. U must give me your support and work hard for your studies also k. I am currently studying for my insurance exams, hopefully i can be a insurance agent soon. Anyone who is reading this now, kindly show me some support k. Don't see liao act blur hor. Hehe...
Thursday, April 06, 2006
  Study break
Currently, I am still studying for my exam. I didnt study much yet, gosh... very lazy, spending more time on sleeping and eating... wor wor.. Yesterday tian pau got a good news for me. So happy that he'll be able to study part time soon. dear, must study hard.. and must not dissappoint me. These few days keep raining... so sian.. I always in sleeping mode especially when in home.

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