Tuesday, June 26, 2007
  Newest Food Republic
When you plan to eat at the new opening Food Republic at Suntec city, you will be surprised that the food doesn't come as cheaply as you might think. For the first time, I have seen for the price of famous Hokkien Mee cost 5 bucks while for the Bah kut teh costs about 7 bucks. The food failed to impress me. Designed with the unique décor, library concept designed. The food republic looks more like a library than a food court. Apparently, it is the first in Singapore. Though the food prices are expensive, maybe the entire dining experiences that counts.

The days that I have been longing for:
Here comes again: Opening Celebrations Singapore Tiger Chili Crab Festival

Date: 29 June – 1 July 2007
Time: 6pm – 10pm (29 June),
11am – 10pm (30 June & 1 July)
Venue: Civic Plaza @ Ngee Ann City, Orchard Road

Come out and discover the vary best of Singapore’s food.
Thursday, June 21, 2007
  Business Study Mission Trip
For the new upcoming semester, I have taken a BSM, Business Study Mission course to Pearl River Delta, China. The entire courses are conducted in Chinese. In fact, I have confirmed my place and paid the deposit. So there is no way for me to turn back.

By right, I should feel happy and full of excitement of my first study tour trip. However, now, I do feel regret, I am concerned about my ability of speaking and writing Chinese. You'll know I don’t have strong foundation in Chinese. I am not a linguistic talent. And the worst part is, this course has expected me to write 3000 words of essay in Chinese. In addition, I also don’t have any in-depth understanding of Chinese Business writing. It would be nice if someone could help me.

Currently what can I do is that: I am searching some Chinese courses, to learn and write simple Chinese Essays. To my dismay, most of the course fees are beyond my expectation. There is no way I could afford it. After wasting so much time, I am searching in vain.
Wednesday, June 13, 2007
  My family problem
My brother, Budi, who is currently studying in Australia, is a very homesick person. He often called me to discuss his never ending stories. So not surprisingly, he also calls my mom everyday to share his woes and foes. I guess he has no one to talk to at home. He told me he has a serious communication problem with his housemates, with his school works and difficulty adapting to the new life.

Ever since then, he has become sensitive and eventually leaded him to mild depression state. Of course, as a sister, I have been constantly helping him. But the result was in vain. Behind that, I am really concerned about my mom. She will always be the first person in line to help my brother. Though my mom is always busy, she never grumbled nor pissed off with my brother. In reality, my mother is coping with lots of stress and responsibilities, work and income problems, raising us, making financial commitments and caring for the elderly aged parents too.

Soon I began to realize that one of the most precious things in our life is a mother. No matter whether she expresses her love or demonstrates her emotions, there is no doubt that none can love more than a mother. A mother does so much for us without ever wanting anything in return except for her children to be happy.
I am hoping that my brother will change to become a happy and contented person. So it is no longer bothering my mom

Oh my Goodness, I have been spending the whole morning doing something that was irrelevant to my work course. All my efforts were in vain. I have become lack of concentration and unable to focus on my works. Feeling so drowsy, I desperately need an energy boaster drink to heighten my energy level up.

Since the first day of my internship, I have been counting down the days until my last day @ company. My calendar shows that I still have remaining 39 days to go. Wow… It is so long. I am so sick of this company. Can I leave now? YEsssh..
Tuesday, June 12, 2007
  Not that hot
I have noticed from today’s newspaper stated that Engineering course is no longer that hot. It used to be the course of choice for bright-eyed potential scholars. Ever since then, engineering course has been knocked off its top spot by course in business related studies and the arts and social sciences.
Alas, as for my school, Singapore Management University, almost 80% of the cohorts prefer major in Banking and Finance. When I ask them why? They arguably tell me that Finance is where the money comes from.

Nowadays, students are increasingly aware of the fact that the finance sector rewards better and it’s more lucrative than engineering sectors.

However, I still urge the students to choose the course according to their interests and not merely following the trends. After my internship, I have learnt that choosing the right career is very important because it’s a place you’ll be at for a long time. So it really has to fit in with your passion.
  Going home just to sleep
During a recent meeting with some internship friends, a common topic that we discussed was job stress and how to distress effectively. They complained about long working hour and internal politics between the co-workers.
It is not doubt that much more is now demanded of us in terms of workload. One friend mentioned that though as an intern she still need to doubles up as a assistant to her superiors, in addition to her main job as a IT systems. Another friend mentioned that she has to de-stress every day after she gets home from work. Officially she is supposed to leave at, but usually cannot do so until 8 pm and reaches home at 9pm. When she reaches home, she just left an hour to spend with her family and time to sleep.

My cousin spends almost the whole day at works and only goes home to sleep. She and her boyfriend hardly have time left to pursue other things in life. Sometimes during hectic period, she even has to work on Sunday.

After reviewing this, I finally find myself that we are in the same predicament. Maybe I am luckier that I could leave at
Monday, June 11, 2007
  Internship Period
I am so dreadful. My internship is really boring. It’s going to kill me. I was alone with all the heavy workloads. By right, my company told me I would have my companion. But now I am still alone. I am hoping that my internship will end soon so that I can be free again. Ever since, I am doing my internship, I start to think, Is this what I am going to do for the next of my life? Sitting on the chair and looking into the computer for the whole day? Oh dear, our life as programmer or IT related field, will lead us a routine, mundane and tedious lifestyle. We are going to expect long working hour within a tight deadline.
Now that I understand, why certain things cannot work as what we are expecting to do.

Anyway, I must get used to it. I don’t have much choice right? I can’t just terminate my internship like that. So hopefully time flies fast enough and brings me back to school again.

Talking about school, I am so headache about school’s stuff because I have to go back to school every week for meeting. This week is the worst week; I have to go back to school almost 4 times. After my working day, I am already so exhausted and can’t possibly to concentrate for the ideas. Sometimes because of the school’s meeting, I have to take time off and travel to school and be back to company. Just imagined!! I am worn out.

Of course, looking at the bright side, my internship left about 2 months. And on Sunday, Danny got us free ticket to watch Shrek 3. I was so happy because I’ve been so longing to watch Shrek 3. This movie is a must watch movie. It is so funny and entertaining

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