Monday, June 16, 2008
  2007 X Games Asia AIL Park Winner
Last night, I watched the Asian inline skating replay. This is a wonderful and exciting game. For roller sport fans, I am sure you will love this. This guy has become my favorite skater. The winner that caught my attention is Soichiro Kanashima, 22. He did lots of stunts and such a crazy guy.

During the X game 2007 held in Shanghai, he ran the aggressive inline final at the competition. As a result, he won the gold medal.

Here is a clip of Soichiro Kanashima. He is the skater that beat Chris Haffey at the Asian X-games.

Thursday, June 05, 2008
  Words That Speak, Stories That Touch
Just come back from shopping, I don’t see good stuffs that worth to buy. This year’s GSS doesn’t seem to be as good as previous years. Worst, I don’t even see any much sales or cheap items there. I really can’t find good bargains. It’s better opt to go Bangkok or Hong Kong for good bargains.

On my way home, I’ve seen some JC students read love story book, I peek the book cover. And I found some website that trying to sell the books. The title is I believe you and written by Low Kay Hwa. It is a romantic love story.

I also attached the book in pdf format. Take a moment to read the book for free.
Click here for the book

About the stories:
Joanna Fung is the envy of many girls: She studies at a top Junior College, has a girl-next-door look and has good results. However, deep on her heart, she holds a secret: She believes that she has a curse. She believes that every bad thing she said will come true.
Jacky Wu is an ideal price charming: He is good in his studies and has girls waiting to hold his hand. He smiles every few minutes and often cracks jokes. However, he, too, holds a deep secret.
When their paths crossed, an unexpected romantic love story takes place

Extracted from: Goody Books
Wednesday, June 04, 2008
I took two summer course this semester: Intercultural communication and Physical Science. This time around, my summer courses were very fulfilling. Though I never like the physical science course, but I do learn lots from there. Big bang, black hole, dark matter. These terms are no longer alien to me.

I flipped through the Wednesday, Strait Times, I saw my prof, Michael promoting the social media corp communication across Asia. Well, I could say this course is very entertaining. It is a fun learning experiences. Indeed, I enhance my Web.20 competency skills. Because of that, I began picking up blogging and updating more regularly than before. Seeing is believing.

Now and now, I can officially declare, I have completed my studies in SMU. I have just finished my University chapter in my life. And now I am going to find a job. Sadly, to say so far there is not job that suitable for me yet. I guess the market seems to be heading downhill. My graduation ceremony will be held on 11 July.

As for meanwhile, I am slacking around and preparing for a longer break. Suddenly, my mind feels so blank for the first time. I feel so lost and lost in the middle of nowhere, no direction. This moment, I finally can relieve stress and breath. I am planning to go for a break. I want to have a blue sky holiday and free from the hustle bustle city. Since my brother is in Australia, he needs me there. I will go Australia for the holiday.

Recently, I was influence by my friends to shop more online. For girls, there is a huge discount by big retailers: old navy and GAP. You can shop online and pay the shipping fee. It is still cheaper than straightly from the store. I am so motivated to shop online more than before.

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