Thursday, November 25, 2004
  Sleepless night
Tonight at 12 midnight, my dear's results will be out soon. She is so anxious and nervous about her results as she scared she might not get the results she wanted. As the time come closer to 12 midnight, dear was very tired already. So i told her to have a early night as she still need to go to work the next day. I told her that i will help her check out the results and sms then her. When it was already 12, i faster go to the nyp website to help her check but the website could not access. So i wait for another hour to try it again as i afraid that there might be too much people logging in therefore i could not access. When it 1am came, i try again, at this moment, the website was under construction from 1am to 4am. Then i stared at the computer and continued to wait till 4am n try. But once again, i was unable to log in so i went to bed disappointingly as i promised dear to sms her the result asap. The moment when i opened my eye, i was so shocked as i see the light coming in through the window. I was so scared because i was supposed to wake dear up and fetch her to work. When i weared my spectacles and look at the clock, i was so relieved as it was only 7.25am. It was a tiring day for me as i could hardly sleep for few hours. After fetching dear to work, she called me and told me that she got her results. I'm so happy that she was pleased with her result. After listening to her good news, suddenly i was so awake(jing shen sia). And i ride my bike home happily. Heehee. So the conclusion is, dear happy = I happy. It's(68 happy = 60 happy) a very important formula for couples out there, so dun forget to use it lor. And GUY should only take the initiative to make GF happy hor. : )
Friday, November 12, 2004
  Funny words... lao KONG!!!
Beep beep, i received an sms from Dear. It was written:" ................ lao KONG." I find it so weird so i reply her to ask if she was typing lao gong (hubby). After her reply, i realised that what she mean is lao gong gong (ah peh) or king kong (gorilla). My dear is really very cute lor. Sometimes, i look at the mirror and asked myself, "Do i really look like wat dear have say?" My answer is definally NO lor. The most is like monkey what? Where got like king kong!!! heehee... No matter what dear called or how she "dote" on me, she is still 101% in my heart lor. I strongly believe that my sincerely and keen on working hard for our future will slowly stopped these funny words and ...... Heehee. Anyway, i hope Dear all the best in her IPP cause i know it is very stressed for her. So the outcome is SHE STRESS, I STRESS.....
Friday, November 05, 2004
  Our ROM day
It is the most happiest day i ever had. And i strongly believe that no other days can replace this special day in my heart, which is our (Lionel & Parlin) ROM day. Because i have the most nice and wonderful girl (Parlin) to be my wife. I really can't believe it myself untill i pinched myself. When i realised pain, i know that i'm nt dreaming. God have given me this opportunity to take good care of Parlin and i know that i will not let down. This is just the starting of us, i'll work extremely hard and try my best to bring her joy and happiness so that she can lead a good life in future. Dear(Parlin) asked me if she is the youngest bride at the ROM building. I told her that i'm not sure whether she is the youngest bride but no doubt she is the most beautiful bride there. Of course need to say one. haha.... hurray....... i'm the most fortunate guy in the world now.

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