Monday, December 06, 2004
When i was in my secondary school or my poly time, i seldom join as CCA. Till the day i knew dear, i realised what is CCA. When dear is having attachment right now, i almost go fetch her to and off work everyday. It become a routine to me. Although it was a bit tired, but i was so glad to see her every moment. Whenever she can rest longer during working day, i don't really mind to wake up more earlier, to send her to work and to assure that she will not be late for work. Cause i be ready at her place by 8.30am. I'm so afraid that she might be late and her OIC will give her bad remark. Nw, i realised that i joined a CCA where i report to my madam(dear) every morning to fetch her to work and send her back when she finished her work. I never really get a distinction before in my life. I believe this time round, i can get a distinction in my CCA cause i alway very punctual lor. Hehe... And i'll do lots of thing for my madam(dear) in future. Haha... Let hope madam(dear) will get gd result in her IPP and of course hope I will get distinction lor... Madam(dear), pls give me distinction lor. Hehe....
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