Tuesday, June 28, 2005
  Stressful weeks
For the past few weeks, I have been so stresses with many matters either related with MOE or SMU or even Housing. These matters are extreme difficult to resolve as the problem quite uncertain.
I am so confused, frantic with worries for outcome. Worst among the worst, I still need to go back to Medan by this Sunday. haiiiiizzzzzz. I accompany my father few times when he was at here. Surprisingly, my father can keep walking for longer hours than me. wahhh.... I am a big girl but weak :-(
Hopefully, everything will be settled as soon as possible. I cant endure any longer. It's such a torment to keep dragging this matters. I not sure when I will be come back. Most importantly, when I am at Medan. I need to enjoy the paradise there. so everyone enjoy ur holidays. cheers.... :-)
Wednesday, June 15, 2005
  Long Holiday
I visited yun jing last Tuesday, she is so tiny and beautiful. Surprisingly, she doesnt cry when anyone hugs her. That was the first time for me and John's mom see her so we were bit excited. Everyone was so happy to see new member in John's family. Soon, everyone will visit her.

Owing to Tuition grant, I can't believe it took so long for MP to solve my problem. Though I am still hoping that the matter can be solved with win-win situation. Hopefully so. In the other hand, my family keep waiting me to come home. Of course I wish either, Staying here without doing anything, I feel so useless and sinful. By the way , I will go to Medan on early of July.

Sadly, my mom told me when I back, I cant manage to see both my brothers. By the time, they will be at Jakarta already. haaiizzzz..... What the hell? All of sudden, the house that we used to grow together now left emptiness in my heart. As we grow older, I realised that there are so many impermanence thing in this life. I also feel the distance between me and my family is getting farther. But no matter what, they will always exist in my heart. In my view, family ties and friendship ties are the most important thing that I can treasured in this life. Nothing more precious than this ties.
Sunday, June 12, 2005
  Dreams to come TrUe...
Dear is going back to Medan soon and I will surely miss her badly. She has yet to be home for quite some time and I know she must have missed her family lots lor. I know luck doesn't always go your way but I believe that working hard and putting in more effort will result in making your dreams come true. Dear has worked tremendously hard in her study and I hope that MP will be able to help her and eventually MOE will grant her a chance to further her study before work. I admit that miracle seldom happen and if it really happen, I rather give this miracle will go to her even if I got a chance to have it, because nothing in this world will make me happy if Dear is sad. I also hope we can have our home soon so that I can cook nice food for her when she come back from school. What about me?? Heehee

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