Monday, August 22, 2005
  Dear's new school
Dear, you have now entered a new environment and the lifestyle there will be much different compare to the polytechnic. I know this 3 year will be hard for you but don't worry; I will always be there to give you my support. Hope that you will know more new friends in your school and excel in your examination. Although study is very important to you but families are equally important lor. Heehee. Dear, wish you all the best in your new school and hope to see you graduate soon. Miss ya
  First Day at School
Today officially is my first day to SMU. I have three days in a week that require me to wake up so early. haizzz. so tiring. Everything is good. The environment doesn't feel so intense yet. But the students seem so hardworking and business savvy. While in Poly, you seldom saw student so enthusiasm reading Business newspaper, or even Fortune magazine. I spent 3 hours just to wait my turn in order to fixed the wireless configuration to my laptop.
I need to bid some modules now. I just dont know which modules should I Bid. I eager to finish it asap. So i think i must not slack ba. For CCA, I quite interested in Fitness, and Symphony. I think I will register both of it. So far, nothing so happening. Hopefully my new journey begins peacefully. cheers
Saturday, August 20, 2005
  Jewel -- Boa
This is my lyric song for my music. I find it quite nice and meaningful. Hopefully you guys like it.

Wow, wow, wow......

Hey do you remember?
How much we loved each other?
Time goes by, our love is now only a memory

Like a weakening star, the light from my heart is gone
You're my jewel, my happy smile has been erased by you

You've left me to frown, left me to hate,
and even made me cry
I began to wonder are, all love really like this?

Yes do you remember?
That our love was so strong
Jewel in my heart
My heart always prays for you back in my life

* How should I tell you, what should I tell you
That I wish for you with me
The way you smile, it's worth a million dollars

# You'll bring back fresh air and warmth back into me
You back in my life dreams come true
Please bring back your light and fill it with love~ to my~ heart

Wow, wow, wow.....

No I can't forget you, you're deep inside of my heart
Dear my jewel, you were my wings to fly high up mn the sky

I wake up to find, only cold air
and sadness in my soul
I want you to know how hard, it is to live like this

So I can't forget you, you might not believe my heart
Jewel in love, my lonesome will be cured only by you

How long will it take me, to find our memories
to be something that is painless
but I cry tonight, the memories are poisoning me

Springs won't bring you to me, summers are still icy
Autumns and winters are lon~esome
I will feel alive, if I can sleep when you are in my arms

Wow~, wow, wow~...... hu, hu~......

repeat *
repeat #

Forever jewel in my my heart
wow, wow, wow.........
Friday, August 19, 2005
  Orientation is over
Finally is over and over. I am so glad that my orientation is over. hahaaaa. Anyway its quite fun and memorable. My Statistic test was over too. But its very difficult. Sadly, I dont think i can pass. I was so stunt when i saw the statistic paper. It was really out of my brain.
On the other hand, actually I were supposed to join the Local Camp on June. But due to I was still in Medan then I joined the International Camp. This week, I was quite tired la. The camp got many dry and wet activities. We went to Cdans - Adventure Camp @Bukit Batok after that we went to Japanese garden @ Lakeside there. During the camp, I met lots of Indonesian friends there. There were many Chinese and Indian students wor.
After a few sleepless day, finally today I can sleep soundly. then on Saturday there was convocation lunch la. I dont know what the hell is it. I hope I can see the rest of friends on this Saturday. I will start school on Monday. I am looking forward on it. Anyway, Pei2x is on holiday la. Hopefully she has great holiday. We will goin to miss u. Cheers.
Friday, August 12, 2005
I have just done my school matriculation yesterday. I bit lost when I was at the city campus. Luckily the sign board was clearly displayed all along the way from MRT to the campus. The matriculation processing was bit exhausted because each of the procedure was located in different part of the campus.
Afterall, there are many events that I shouldn't miss anymore. Even before the school academic starts, there are workshop, Statistic Test, community services, and another camp that I should attend.
Today is Kit's boyfriend birthday. Kit invited us to come, then I agreed. Since I haven't seen her for long time. It was bbq dinner at East Coast. The bbq pit was really far from Costa Rica. We were walking throughout the dark pavement along the east coast. It was so calm and windy. It reminded me on something here, the outing that we went together with NYP classmates at East coast. I still recalled vividly when Jonathan (Elmo)learnt cycling along the path or when we were walking together with Simei, Cai Ling, Sean, Irene, Jia Ling and etc. Everything is so fun and memorable. Of course I will sill remember. Oh, guys. I guess I do really miss the times when we were together. Everything is so precious now. Hopefully, God will always bless us forever and be our side to guide us the way to success.
Take care always my dear friends..
Tuesday, August 09, 2005
My old blog's layout had been intensely bored. After have seen others people blog, I determine to design the layout this time. Last Monday, I am so delighted as I can see all my friends since ever I came back. Except Simei and Cai ling. Thanks to Pei2x for trying hard to come.
On last Saturday, I attend my first SMU orientation at Palawan Beach - Sentosa. Actually I had missed many orientation camps on July. I ve never been like anything under the sun. I woke up at 7 sharp, then prepared my stuff and straightly go to Harbour front Mrt and waiting for the rest to come. Everyone was quite punctual, and we went to the beach. All my fellow mates are friendly and within few hours we had built a strong rapport. As usual we played many outdoor games, the games were too energy-consuming for me. Beside that, I cant stand on the intense sun. In the afternoon, All of sudden, I had strong headache, it seemed like half of my head was going to explode. I try my best to endure the pain, however it was too painstaking pain. So i decided to go home and rest. Anyway the orientation was great, all my mates were so cooperative and understanding.

Thursday, August 04, 2005
  Back From Medan
I ve been staying in Medan for one month. When I was there, things at house didn't change much. Each furniture still the same, except that some of the colour faded away.
My mother has been working so hard to maintain the store. For the moment, I feel so sorry for my mom.
Although she can't remember each of her children birthday. However she ensure that we can live without worrying the financial part. Even when she was sick, she will still force herself to open the store. Sometimes when i see her hair looks so dishevelled and Her face looks gaunted. I just wish I can graduate faster and make her to stop work. As a child, we need to be filial so can pay back parents gratitude.

All of friends are pursuing their dream, Pei2x, though school hard, but slowly on you can get used of it. You got wei hong, and us to brighten your day. I also worry for myself that I dont have the ability to keep study on. I guess everybody also got (fan nao) . Hopefully as time passes by, everything will be alright. I miss everyone so much, hahaaa, hopefully can meet asap la. drop me sms la to meet.. ...

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