Friday, August 12, 2005
I have just done my school matriculation yesterday. I bit lost when I was at the city campus. Luckily the sign board was clearly displayed all along the way from MRT to the campus. The matriculation processing was bit exhausted because each of the procedure was located in different part of the campus.
Afterall, there are many events that I shouldn't miss anymore. Even before the school academic starts, there are workshop, Statistic Test, community services, and another camp that I should attend.
Today is Kit's boyfriend birthday. Kit invited us to come, then I agreed. Since I haven't seen her for long time. It was bbq dinner at East Coast. The bbq pit was really far from Costa Rica. We were walking throughout the dark pavement along the east coast. It was so calm and windy. It reminded me on something here, the outing that we went together with NYP classmates at East coast. I still recalled vividly when Jonathan (Elmo)learnt cycling along the path or when we were walking together with Simei, Cai Ling, Sean, Irene, Jia Ling and etc. Everything is so fun and memorable. Of course I will sill remember. Oh, guys. I guess I do really miss the times when we were together. Everything is so precious now. Hopefully, God will always bless us forever and be our side to guide us the way to success.
Take care always my dear friends..
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