Saturday, August 20, 2005
  Jewel -- Boa
This is my lyric song for my music. I find it quite nice and meaningful. Hopefully you guys like it.

Wow, wow, wow......

Hey do you remember?
How much we loved each other?
Time goes by, our love is now only a memory

Like a weakening star, the light from my heart is gone
You're my jewel, my happy smile has been erased by you

You've left me to frown, left me to hate,
and even made me cry
I began to wonder are, all love really like this?

Yes do you remember?
That our love was so strong
Jewel in my heart
My heart always prays for you back in my life

* How should I tell you, what should I tell you
That I wish for you with me
The way you smile, it's worth a million dollars

# You'll bring back fresh air and warmth back into me
You back in my life dreams come true
Please bring back your light and fill it with love~ to my~ heart

Wow, wow, wow.....

No I can't forget you, you're deep inside of my heart
Dear my jewel, you were my wings to fly high up mn the sky

I wake up to find, only cold air
and sadness in my soul
I want you to know how hard, it is to live like this

So I can't forget you, you might not believe my heart
Jewel in love, my lonesome will be cured only by you

How long will it take me, to find our memories
to be something that is painless
but I cry tonight, the memories are poisoning me

Springs won't bring you to me, summers are still icy
Autumns and winters are lon~esome
I will feel alive, if I can sleep when you are in my arms

Wow~, wow, wow~...... hu, hu~......

repeat *
repeat #

Forever jewel in my my heart
wow, wow, wow.........
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