Friday, August 19, 2005
  Orientation is over
Finally is over and over. I am so glad that my orientation is over. hahaaaa. Anyway its quite fun and memorable. My Statistic test was over too. But its very difficult. Sadly, I dont think i can pass. I was so stunt when i saw the statistic paper. It was really out of my brain.
On the other hand, actually I were supposed to join the Local Camp on June. But due to I was still in Medan then I joined the International Camp. This week, I was quite tired la. The camp got many dry and wet activities. We went to Cdans - Adventure Camp @Bukit Batok after that we went to Japanese garden @ Lakeside there. During the camp, I met lots of Indonesian friends there. There were many Chinese and Indian students wor.
After a few sleepless day, finally today I can sleep soundly. then on Saturday there was convocation lunch la. I dont know what the hell is it. I hope I can see the rest of friends on this Saturday. I will start school on Monday. I am looking forward on it. Anyway, Pei2x is on holiday la. Hopefully she has great holiday. We will goin to miss u. Cheers.
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