Wednesday, October 26, 2005
  Leadership & Team Building
In SMU, There is Leadership and Team building module, its' a community service project, that required us to do something special to others. This week, I have been very busy because of this LTB. When you are working with seven different people in a team. What will you get? Diversity? Sadly, it's not easy to work with everyone in a team. No matter how hard I try, it's like impossible to get along well with everyone. Maybe because we have different personality traits or leadership styles. Though I have been trying to express my views when it comes to decision making, it's unlikely that everyone agrees with you. In the end, usually he or she who-shouts-the-loudest could win some of decisions. Like what the prof said, we have different culture in smu.
This Saturday, I would be busy doing the community service. We have held event at GuiLin View, Bukit Gombak. Thanks God, its only one day full event. We need to take care about twenty children and to ensure them to have fun. Probably there is no any outing this Saturday with the old gangs. Next week, we has two public holidays. Cheers....
Tuesday, October 25, 2005
  School days
Due to my hectic schedule at school, I don't have much time for blogging. Almost everyday, I have some important thing to do. There is no much time even for resting and enjoying. I don't understand why there is so huge difference between Poly and Uni's life ? Maybe I was just too slack or lazy.. After all, I don't have any choice to choose. In spite of having busy schedule, I always meet my Poly gang almost every Saturday. Strange, right? hahaaa. But it's really satisfy though not like in the past, whereas we could go out almost everyday. Now,in uni, there are many things have changed. I learn to be more independent and willing to ask more questions. Here, I don't dare to think the future that much. Beside there, all the modules structure are very different from Poly. In SMU, is fast pace environment.
Sunday, October 23, 2005
  A cool place to go....
Mind Cafe was such a wonderful place to go with friends, especially when you have a tired and stress week. Although yesterday night, we guys (Dear, John, Lulu, Jonathon, Danny, Jack and CY) only play a few board games for the short 2 hour, but it was quite enjoyable. After a stressful week of study, dear only seems to feel more relieved last night during her stay at the café. I hope that she can overcome her problems in her study ASAP and all the best to her. No matter what happen, I will always be there for her throughout her difficult times in her University, Career and Forever.

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