Friday, June 23, 2006
  Gossiping with mom
When I was about to reach medan airport, out of the blue, the sky turned dark and started to rain heavily. Later on I was shocked because the new arrival hall is not the same as it used to be. It was much smaller and so messy. The people were so rude. They never queued properly. On the same time, some people pushed their lugage and trollery here and there.. Ouch.. I heard two womens shouted because the trolleys hit their feet. I could hear everyone's complain. They were not satisfy with the services. Worst among the worst, my mom who is waiting for me outside, couldnt find shelter. Soon, She was drenched. And she complained to me.
I asked my mom what was happening? she told me that the previous arrival hall is under renovation. they have no choice but anyhow built the temporary arrival hall.

After that, we headed to sun plaza, we started chattin along the way, She told me the current latest news..she updated me with what is happening lately. I know it has been so long that i never chat with my mom like this before. In Singapore, if my mom called me, we would only chat for a while.. because we dont want to spend so much $$$ on hp bill.

Soon, my sister suggested we should install internet access in our home so that it much more convenient for my mom to chat with me. obviously we wanted to do that long time ago. we always encountered problems installing internet such as phone trouble, cannot have the network in our home around, or my mom not sure how to use it. And now that my sister is familiar with internet, we decided to install it.

Both of us went to the Internet service provider and register for the broadband access. my sister was so happy. Thinking that everything was perfectly planned, we never tot it could cause any troubles. Until the day, technician came and installed it, he told us that our phone channel was not able to detect the internet... WHY? he said that becos our phone connection is parallel....... What to do? have to remove all the parallel line, he said. It's impossible then cos for sure my father will kill us if we remove all the parallel telephone lines.

Sigh..... thinking....
Saturday, June 17, 2006
  Holiday at Home
I am supposed in the process of packaging my stuffs right now. So far, I have only packed partial of my clothes.. Its very late now (3:40 AM). And my brain is still thinking, Somehow, i feel I am so reluctant to leave this house. I will be away 2-3 weeks time.. So guys please wait okk.. I will miss everyone here. And I will surely come back with goodies....

My mom keeps asking me to go home and accompany her. She said my younger sister is always bully her... Also, my father and brothers are not in Medan. Beside there, my sister is waiting for me COZ She wants to teach me how to drive car... and play piano too. She wants to hao lian (show off) to me.. Both of us have different personality... She likes to playyyyy game so much, draw comics and doesnt like study... So she only scores well in Drawing...

HAHA... Holiday is so long, sometimes makes my brain is not functioning well. but if there is no holiday then my brain will crash and eventually damage. So I still prefer holiday la.. haha... ^-^.

LAst Friday, I finally submitted my Community SErvice Stuffs: so many data entries and also lots of research. There are just more and more things to do... I guess after this, i still have to worry about my committe events.. Ohhh Godness... Wanna to lead a simple happy life.. Feelin so tired......
Sunday, June 04, 2006
  Nothing to do
Strangely enough, now, I felt so empty cos I dont have nothing much to do. Currently I am doing my community service, but I really dont know when it is my last day.
Doing boring stuff almost everyday, scanning photo. It's really tedious works and not challenging at all. Then worst, I still cannot going back home yet. I really miss home.. It's been almost a year that i've never been in my Medan's home.I miss my bed, the satay padang there, the atmosphere there... Today, we celebrated Jolin's birthday at Novena. We ate super nice food... not bad.. its quite enjoyable moments.. Seeing they are so happy eating, it really makes me feel so content. Sadly, last week, I got one of my result. To my dismay, I am bit dissapointment of my result. I really couldnt figure out what is wrong with what I did in the midterm paper. Oddly it seems, that I couldnt easily forget this time. What should I do? Like what people said, we should look forward and learn from our mistakes.. As i passed by one pet store, the feeling is coming again, like asking me to keep a pet. But thinking of the trouble such as taking care of it when I am not around, I felt that I should reconsider again, pet is not a toy. I want to keep a dog and a cat. haha.. i also like a turtle and fish. I think I should just keep everything.. save from thinking.. haha...

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