Monday, July 10, 2006
Finnaly the soccer is over. Last night, I watched soccer with my brother. I guess this is the first time, that I really watched the final. The game was so uncertain, for the first one hour plus, I could hardly tell which is the winner. And now, we know that Italy is the world cup champion 2006. Hush... now I can sleep earlier....

I learnt some songs that I used to play using my sister's piano, while i was practising it, all out of sudden, there was a mouse passing the piano.... I was really so frightened.. and shouted for help... Who knows? my mother, my sister and my maid are scare of that small animal too. Nobody really dared to hit the mouse. In the end, we let the mouse runs freely inside our house....haizzz....
I am trying to think how to catch the mouse... feel so uneasy if the mouse keep passing me...
Friday, July 07, 2006
  Soccer Fever
After a month, soccer is going to over soon. honestly, i dont like to watch soccer that much.. but when i watched my mom watched soccer so frantically, full with spirit, and exciting. Then I really enjoyed watching my mom while she was watching soccer. I dont think my mom realised that, she always said to my brother, "Don't be crazy to soccer.. but now who is actually crazy of soccer? To my surprise, my mom is willing to wake up in the middle of night, just to watch soccer as this is never happened before in her life.. becos usually she will sleep very early around 11 and wake up at 7 almost everyday except public holiday.

As for me, I am really enjoyed my life here... my sister bought korean drama for me... which is 18 VS 29.. its really funny... the actress is behaving like 18 years old youngster while she is actually 29 years old.. This is because she had an accident, then she lost her memories.. and only remembered memories when she was 18 years old. Today is my cousin's commencement... want to wish her, Congratulation, Lina... Currently, i am still waiting for my sister to fetch me... terrible girl, horrible girl, naughty girl, troublesome girl. she never fetch me punctually... always make me wait not only for few minutes but for few hours..And right now i have been waiting for 2 hours already. luckily has internet to surf. Hence, i always late for anything.. then now i have bad reputation. She is super slow girl.. Blames me la... I must learn how to drive....
Ask her to buy Kwe tiao for me... she added so many super hot chilly one.. i never eat kwe tiao as spicy as before. As a result, after i ate few spoon, my face blushed and my mouth swollen. and now is having sore throat.. Also, she disturbed my sleep, in the morning around 9 plus, ask me to wake up. then if i refuse, she pretends and tells me Ah Ma is coming to our house right now and want to meet me.. wake up.. of course, i will wake up instantly.

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