Sunday, October 31, 2004
  Sad Sunday
Yesterday was saturday and today is sunday but it was a sad sad sunday for me. Knowing that Dear was meeting her classmates to study for their exam, i make full use of my free time(finally!!!) and went to several places(westmall, bukit timah, jurong, etc..) to search for the nokia hp 6260 because i knew that Dear has been waiting for this hp to be out for a long time already. But no matter where i went and which shops(starhub, M1, singtel) i entered, i still can't find the handphone that Dear want because it was out of stock . I really hope to get it for her so as to encourage her for her coming exam. Although giving her a handphone might be nothing special, but i really hope she could have a phone where she really like. And most important of all, she will not be using her samsung V200, where she really found it not user friendly. Then she won't be having excuses of why she didn't reply my sms liao cause the button very difficult to press. Heehee... Anyway, i will not give up....i believe i will find the phone one day. Haha... Obviously sia, the stocks will eventually come one day wat... haha... As her boyfriend, i'll try my best and do whatever things that will make her happy lor...
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