Tuesday, July 10, 2007
  Being healthy
After the meeting session with the dean and after standing for 3 hours consecutively without any movement, I could feel the stiffness in my body.
Apparently, we were standing to discuss our general and individual issues at the school campus. Indeed, our dean is the most long winded person in SMU. He could verbalize his thoughts well and as a result he could speak continuously. Worst of all, He didn’t understand our body languages even when my stomach kept rumbling.

In recent days, I felt so fatigue, so dehydrated. In fact last night, I had a fever and sleepless night. Over the years, my health has been deteriorated. Now, I truly realise that we must not take our health for granted. There is nothing much more important than healthy life. That’s why we should develop a strong body and strong mind. Being healthy is a precious gift to our family, friends and me.
Tuesday, July 03, 2007
  Learn to forget
On Monday morning, when I woke up, out of sudden, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. The pain was so intense. When the pain became so unbearable, I went to see doctor.
Doctor told me nothing was serious and advised me to rest. Consequently, my entire Monday was used for resting at home. I missed the times that I could spend more time at home doing my household chores, being a coach potato and taking nap.

My mind was unease. Recently, I’ve done several mistakes at company. I blamed myself for my negligence. The worst thing that I did was I had sent the wrong CD to other department. At that point of time, I couldn’t remember whether I had messed up the mailing addresses or someone gave me wrong addresses.
Regardless of anything, I know I should be blamed for my negligence. I really felt bad about this incident. This incident has taught me something that surviving in a company isn’t easy at all. Sometimes when the internal politics was so heated, I was at loss.
Maybe I should learn to forget unhappy memories and be a happy person. But it is a lot easier said than done. Perhaps someone could tell me on how to do it.

Today is an important day because my team will be presenting our final year project’s proposal to our business clients and our school’s dean. So today will mark as a new chapter for our FYP. I am so nervous because our dean is known to be a harsh and talkative person. He will usually spend lots of time finding our faults and asking various difficult questions. Hopefully everything is easy on us.

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