Sunday, March 30, 2008
  Career Talks + Talks
My final year semester is going to end soon. This year was my final year at SMU, most likely I will graduate on July. Looking back, I was convinced by my parents to pursue my university degree. My father was very strict in our education. When I came to Singapore, I had never seriously thought about going to university.

And now it’s my time to find job. I am trying to find jobs that related to my field, which are Operation Management, OM or Information Systems, IS. To my surprise, so far, I didn’t get any news from IS or OM positions. Instead, I was called for an interview for marketing or account position.

Life is unpredictable. Maybe I will end up doing something that totally irrelevant to my studies. When I attended the career talk by maritime industry, the thing that really caught my attention was chartering, oil/gas brokers. I heard that industry pay really well. I should have just concentrate on marine or accounting.

In reality, I just realized that most companies don’t really care whether you are engineering, business, or even social science degree holder.
Of course for medicine or lawyer are exceptional cases. In many cases, most MNC companies value diversity in their workforce. They believe that supporting diversity is one of the great successes for the company.

One more lesson, no matter how hard you try and if your grade is not something that you expected. It is the best to apply for private company. Public companies are very grade oriented. They have a standard structure how much you will get according to your credentials and experiences. And it is not easy to see yourself in managerial position. Most of the managerial positions are reserved for scholarship students.
Sunday, March 16, 2008
  Gossip Girl
For the past few weeks, I was very busy preparing lots of mid term, assignments and searching for jobs. Almost every evening, I attended my school career talk or networking events. The school organized lots of career talk events for us. In fact, so far I have attended many careers talk such as Oracle, HP, IDS, RBS and some other marine talks…

Frankly speaking, I’ve just applied about 5 jobs. Now, I am still in the mid of searching. Reasons why I didn’t apply certain companies because they are looking for best people and they do select students based on academic qualifications and CCA achievements. Since I don’t have any, I felt so demoralized. So I decided not to apply companies that emphasize academics qualifications. And hopefully there are more jobs to offer and I can choose my ideal job.
Recently, I got a terrible sore throat infection due to stressful weeks. And, I got fever as well. After taking few antibiotics, now I feel much better.

For english drama lover, check out this, Gossip girl. So far, I have just watched 2 episodes only. This drama is based on the popular book series of the same name, this name gives viewers a peek into the world of priviledged teenagers on an elite private school in New York City. The story is written by The O.C.'s Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, and directed by Mark Pizarski who has worked on series like Everwood and Veronica Mars.

This show is really nice especially for teenagers.. but i addicted to.. . I will catch the drama after my exam. I am sure all the girls or nosy boys will like it very much.



For more information, please check out at Gossip Girl Website


Friday, March 07, 2008
  First Job Interview
Last few days were the busiest weeks to me. I was very busy preparing for presentation and mid term. Today morning, I had a group presentation. Sadly enough, our team was shoot down by the prof terribly. We did terrible presentation cos the prof didn’t understand our concept well. Our concept was a bit confusing. But in the end, after repeat clarification, we managed to convince prof. However, our team felt so demoralised. I guess everyone felt the immense of guilty.....

In reality, it was so difficult to work as a team. Handling multiple projects with different kinds of poeple can be chaotic. In a University, Prof will really read through articles report carefully. No room for smoking. In fact, most of our reports were investigated carefully before grading is being finalised.

Anyway, last three days, I received a call for interview. The company arranged me for an interview. This was my first job interview. I went to the office at Suntec city and noticed the job position was Account shipping officer. Upon hearing that, I was so stunt and speechless. Wondering why did they call me. Honestly, I didn’t expect that the job would turn out to be account related job. To my surprise the HR person seemed okay even if I am not an account degree holder.

As long as I willing to learn, who cares? Anyway most people always end up working with a job that is very different from what they have learned. I strongly agree with that. We need to be flexible and adaptable. Nonetheless, I still prefer do something that related with operation and technology.

Today, suntec city was exceptionally crowded… then I realised there is IT fair. Oh omg, I got so many wishlists… Nintendo Wii, Canon digital photo, DS light, and lots lots more.. hehee..

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